The donor community has embraced this program because it offers an opportunity for one-time donations to create measurable results and high-paying sustainable jobs for Haitians. At the same time, it helps reduce health and safety risks caused by excessive plastic garbage in communities.

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executives without borders

Executives Without Borders is an innovative 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to engaging business professionals in solving the world’s greatest humanitarian challenges. As an organization, we provide opportunities for executives and companies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of global humanitarian programs with a focus on sustainability.


In the wake of the 2010 earthquake, we assisted NGOs with delivery of safe water and procurement of temporary shelter materials.


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Executives Without Borders identified numerous opportunities for sustainable job creation in Haiti. Together with our corporate partners and other organizations we identified this specific opportunity to create new, well-paying jobs engaged in plastic recycling. This program aligns with our core value of leveraging business skills and talents to strengthen development programs worldwide. Learn more at!



CSS Haiti

CSS provides critical construction, fabrication, logistics, supply and other support services for the NGO community and governments worldwide in emerging and post-disaster environments. CSS seeks to leverage the talents and skills of the people and businesses in the markets where it operates, involving the fewest foreigners possible and maximizing the positive local impact of its operations.


CSS supports sustainable job creation projects in all its markets, from restarting clothing factories and fabricating heavy equipment in the Middle East to supporting programs like Ramase Lajan here in Haiti.


CSS partners with NGOs to find and implement the ideal program to accomplish important mission goals in any environment. Learn more about the CSS family of companies at



Samaritan's Purse logo

Haiti Recycling S.A. (also known as G.S. Industries) is a diverse family business founded by Mr. Gary Sajous Sr. in 1976.


G.S. Industries is the largest mattress manufacturing plant in Haiti and makes all components locally, including the springs, foam, sisal pads, as well as wooden box frames.


In 1986, the Sajous family looked to recycling as a potential supplemental line of business. In the beginning, they recycled only non-ferrous metals like aluminum cans. Slowly and with years of practice and more knowledge and expertise, they started recycling ferrous metals as well as plastics, paper and cardboard.


In 2005, the family realized that their recycling operations had grown significantly larger than the mattress operation and renamed the recycling part of the operation “Haiti Recycling.”


Today, Mr. Sajous functions as CEO of the group and remains highly active in all aspects of the business. He is also the inventor of the patent-pending manual bottle crusher machinery at the heart of the community collection centers.


Stephan Sajous, Vice President of Marketing and Operations, oversees all aspects of recycling operations including buying materials, setting standards and prices, quality control and finding buyers for the various different recyclable waste streams.


Other senior leadership of the company include Mrs. Alyette Sajous, CFO and Mrs. Wendy Sajous, President, Carribean Cosmetics manufacturing high quality soaps for domestic use and export.


The family believes in creating sustainable businesses in Haiti that benefit all parties involved. Haiti Recycling’s continued investments in infrastructure and economies of scale for plastic processing are what make this program possible.



samaritans purse

Samaritan’s Purse has been working in Cite Soleil since January, of 2010. While working in Cite Soleil, Samaritan’s Purse saw a need for a program that would help to clean and promote hygiene in the Cite Soleil area. To meet the recognized needs, to help provide better sanitation conditions, and create small business opportunity in the Cite Soleil community, Samaritan’s Purse created the Livelihoods Recycling Program.

The Samaritan’s Purse Livelihoods Recycling Programs objectives are:


  1. To decrease the amount of plastic in and around Cite Soleil. The project will specifically focus around the canal areas to decrease the blockage caused by plastic; therefore, promoting healthy living conditions through a decrease in flooding in the Cite Soleil area.
  2. To promote livelihoods through job creation. Through the partnership of Haiti Recycling, CSS Haiti S.A., Executives without Borders and Samaritan’s Purse, all hope to directly create jobs through the recycling franchise centers and increase the jobs in the plastic peddler/collector market.
  3. To provide sound business training and mentoring with the business person chosen for franchise ownership and the local business community.